Web Design


Here at Conformities, we were born and raised on the Internet. We know the ins and outs of this electronic realm. We’re through with having to deal with old, clunky, unresponsive websites that look as though they were designed by your grandmother. You know what we’re talking about. We too dread unreadable fonts, embedded flash animations, and perhaps most of all, tacky colour schemes. We have zero tolerance for such unprofessional debauchery.

Modern Responsive Design

The web is changing fast. What was once a platform exclusively for desktop computers is being used on devices of almost every shape and form you can imagine. The will of the user bends to the device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, smart-watch, or laptop.


Everyone’s doing it. Why haven’t you gotten around to listing your products online? Conformities makes it really (really) easy for you to manage your very own online store, track orders, gather client information, send out invoices, and pretty much relax while your business grows exponentially. We’ll set it all up with beautiful a beautiful user-friendly framework and top-of-the-line web security.

Content Management

Conformities primarily uses WordPress for its content management needs, but if you have another CMS in mind, we’re open to your ideas. WordPress is a flexible collaborative CMS for all kinds of websites. It’s constantly updated, so you won’t have to worry about falling behind the times. We love it because it lets both our developers and our clients work together to create projects that are adaptable, versatile, powerful, and beautiful. We are long past the days of having to update your website through terrible code editors, or plain text files (really tacky). The future is now.

Give us a call.

We are highly-specialized in Web Design, and it’s worth giving us a call if you have a specific project in mind. We’re adaptable and we can work with your criteria to build a website that fulfills your development needs. Our team of developers will be in touch you throughout the project and will be very happy to help you out in all regards of the design and implementation.