It’s a new year. Need a new website? (15% OFF)

Here at Conformities, January is our favourite month of the year, not only for the literal coat of new snow on the ground, but for the metaphorical ‘fresh start’ as well. Check off all your old to-dos, headaches and worries – that’s so last year.

To celebrate our most cherished squares of the calendar, Conformities is proud to announce an exclusive sale for new clients. We’re offering 15% off of all web development and SEO packages. This offer ends on January 27th.

If you’re an individual, company, or organization in need of a new website, this opportunity isn’t to miss. You won’t find this quality of work for this price anywhere else.

Take a look at the offers page for our packages. Listed prices include the 15% discount, which can be applied upon ordering – Just use the code  NEWYEAR2015  at checkout.

…And to all, a happy new year!